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About Gourd Impressions Pottery:

In 2000 Gourd Place artist and co-owner Priscilla Wilson invented a unique method of using gourd molds for slip-casting pottery. We received our U.S. Utility Patent in 2006. You should know that the veins and textures from inside the gourds that give our pottery its unique appearance also make it vulnerable to slight warping when fired! Thus there will be minor variations in the shapes of the individual pieces making them less stack-able than factory made dishes.

Gourd Impressions pottery is made from stoneware. This means that it is fired to almost 2300 degrees, making it microwave/oven/dishwasher safe. All glazes are food safe and contain no lead. As with any handmade pottery, there will be variations in the glaze inside and the underglaze that is applied to the outside of the dishes.

How to order Gourd Impressions pottery:

Please note that prices below ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE.
We would like to communicate with our customers individually so that we can give you an accurate time in which to expect your order. Please send an email to orders@gourdplace.com giving us the number and glaze code for each item as well as your name and zip code. We will respond within the next two business days letting you know an estimated shipping date and cost. We charge a 10% fee for packing and handling plus the actual cost for US Priority Mail and insurance. If your preference is to make the transaction online, we can send you a Paypal bill for your convenience (In this case we'll use our best estimate of shipping cost). You can also call us between 10:00 and 5:00 Eastern time to discuss your order and payment or to discuss special orders, e.g., items you saw in our gallery but not on this page.

These dinner plates and bowls are shown to identify the colors of the glazes we offer. Photos below show items in various glazes, but any piece is available in any of these colors.
The white and calico glazes previously pictured may still be ordered.

Antique Iron Calico Gourd Place Green Glaze
Antique iron(AI)
Indigo (I)
Jasper (Ja)
Green (Gr)

Items are pictured below showing both the inside and the outside of the piece so that you may see how the gourd textures are highlighted for each glaze. Measurements are approximate; these are given in terms of diameter for pieces that are more or less round and in terms of width, referring to widest dimension, if their shapes are more oblong. If the designation diameter with an asterisk is used, this means the piece may be round or warp to a more oval shape.


Click image for a larger view.

Dinner Plate

#1 - Dinner plate
10" diameter x 1" high
Shown in green
Lunch Plate
#2 - Lunch plate
8.5" wide x 1" high
Shown in indigo blue
Bread Plate
#3 - Salad plate
6" diameter x 1" high
Shown in jasper.
Soup Bowl
#4 - Soup or salad bowl
6.5" diameter x 2.75" high
Shown in green
Dessert Bowl
#5 - Dessert bowl
5" wide x 2" high
Shown in antique iron
Custard Bowl
#6 - Custard bowl
4" wide x 1.75" high
Shown in antique iron
Triangle Bowl
#7 - Triangular bowl
6.5" wide x 2.25" high
Shown in green
Large Abstract Bowl
#8 - Large abstract bowl
12.5" diameter* x 4.5" high
Shown in green
Medium Abstract Bowl

#9 - Medium abstract bowl
9" diameter* x 3.5" high
Shown in jasper

Small Abstract Bowl
#10 - Small abstract bowl
7.5" diameter* x 3.5" high
Shown in indigo blue
Large Side Dish
#11 - Wide side dish
11.5" Long x 7.5 " Wide x 4" High
Shown in antique iron
Small Abstract Bowl
#12 - Large casserole bowl
8" diameter x 4" high
Shown in indigo blue
Large Funky Platter
#13 - Large funky platter
14" wide x 2" high
Shown in antique iron

#14 - Open luminary (on left)
3.5" diameter x 3.75" high

#15 - Closed luminary (on right)
2.5" diameter x 4" high



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